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is a UK / New Zealand artist / actor based between Berlin and Norwich.

His visual arts and performance practice examines gay / male subjectivity playfully exploring: concepts of hyper-masculinity, what happens when our natures are repressed, ways to re-appropriate and reclaim lost history whilst laughing at the stigmas we form about other people that aren’t us.

His work is characterised by a bold use of colour, mark making, patterning and satire.

He is co-founder of the immersive theatre company 'Living Structures', artist's collective 'The Norwich Dandies' and trained in devising theatre at Dartington College of Arts.

Introduction by Marcus Dickey Horley, Curator of Special Projects - Tate Modern

I first saw Dugald Ferguson's work when it was displayed in Norwich in 2009. At first I was interested in the multi-layered technique he uses of collaging magazine and newspaper photographs of athletes and sportsmen, over which he paints layers of colourful flora. This marriage of themes is well described in the term Dugald has created to describe these works: Sports Flowers.

Since then I have seen the work develop in a number of ways; from small scale 2D work in acrylics, to larger format oil on canvas and board. There is something about the subject matter and style of working that chimes in very closely with a contemporary and slightly political human rights comment; the Justin Fashanu paintings are typical of this. I also like the way Dugald has used figurative imagery on the sides of the vases he has painted; they remind me of ancient Grecian athletes.

There is a loose freedom to the works; their format seems to work in both small and large scale, and I understand that Dugald is currently working on some very large scale pieces. The swirling colour fields also give a somewhat "nature boy" feel to the paintings, which is I think autobiographical for the way in which Dugald lived his early life before moving to England. Dugald has also recently told me about his intentions to maybe create some 3D works, something that I am greatly looking forward to seeing.


theatre company is a collective of artists that create exciting visual, physical and musical performances placing the audience inside the scenography as it transforms around them. Both of Living Structures large scale R&D's and shows have been supported by Arts Council England, co-produced by Teatro Espanol, Falmouth University and The Old Vic Tunnels and presented in the UK and Spain.

'Cart Macabre' by Living Structures

co-produced by The Old Vic Tunnels, Falmouth University & Teatro Espanol

Cart Macabre Critically Acclaimed-image

Cart Macabre Critically Acclaimed

* * * * The Times, Libby Purves
* * * * Telegraph, Charles Spencer
* * * * TimeOut, Caroline McGinn

Cart Macabre

**** TimeOut, Telegraph & Times

Cart Macabre

presented at Centro Neimeyer

Leviathan co-produced by

Teatro Espanol, Falmouth University and The Old Vic Tunnels


presented in Matadero, Madrid

The Peter Tatchell Foundation

‘Torrents of Rapture’ has it all, ‘Brief Encounter’ meets puppetry, animation, and music from days past, but not forgotten. It has a lovely laugh and cry feel to it and I enjoyed the performance by Dugald immensely. I highly recommend this production and hope to see it in other festivals in the future." - Jeremy N Hooke Esq.
Chairman, Board of Directors & Treasurer

The 'Moby Dick Big Read'

Click to hear Chapter #110


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Personal details:

Eye colour: Blue green
Hair colour: Light red brown
Height: 177cm / 5ft 8inches
Shoe size: 8.5 (UK&AUS), 43 (EUR), 9 (US&CAN), 27.5 (JAP)
Voice quality: Clear and engaging
Native accent: British well spoken
Accents: NZ, Australian, British RP, French, German, Pacific Island, Norfolk, Devon, Scottish, South African, Irish
Playing age: 27 - 36

Equity Number: M00419985
Passports: New Zealand & United Kingdom

Personal Statement:

I work as a freelance actor, visual artist and co-founded and work for immersive theatre company ‘Living Structures’.

www.livingstructures.co.uk www.dugaldferguson.co.uk


‘Living Structures’ Immersive Theatre Shows:


• HACKNEY DOWNS STUDIOS, LONDON - A Living Structures, Falmouth University & Teatro Espanol co-production to be presented at Hackney Downs Studios July 2014.
Supported by Arts Council England
• MATADERO, MADRID - A Living Structures, The Old Vic Tunnels, Teatro Espanol co-production presented for a 10 day run in Nov / Dec 2012.
Supported by Arts Council England
• TRINITY BUOY WHARF, LONDON - A Living Structures, Trinity Buoy Wharf, The Old Vic Tunnels research and development co-production presented over 3 shows Dec 2011.
Supported by Arts Council England


• CENTRO NEIMEYER, SPAIN - A Living Structures, Centro Niemeyer and Old Vic Tunnels co-production presented for a 10 day run in Sept / Oct 2011
• THE OLD VIC TUNNELS, LONDON - A Living Structures and The Old Vic Tunnels co-production presented for a 3 week run in Dec 2010.
Supported by Arts Council England
• THE SHUNT VAULTS, LONDON – A Living Structures and Shunt co-production devising residency (2 Weeks) presenting 14 shows in Feb / Mar 09
• BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE, LONDON - A Living Structures and Battersea Arts Centre co-production devising residency (1 Month) presenting 3 shows in Sept 2008


• AREA 10 PROEJCT SPACE, PECKHAM - A Living Structures production and devising residency (6 weeks) with a professional presentation over 5 shows Dec 2009

Company Publications:

• TOTAL THEATRE MAGAZINE - ‘The making of Leviathan’ published Summer Edition, June 2012
• TOTAL THEATRE MAGAZINE - ‘The making of Leviathan’ published Spring Edition, March 2012
• TOTAL THEATRE MAGAZINE - Leviathan Looming’ published Winter Edition, Dec 2011
• ANIMATIONS ONLINE EDITION 26 - ‘From the Frontline; In at the Deep End’ published April 2009

Devised multi-media solo work:


• CAMDEN PEOPLE’S THEATRE, MATADERO, MADRID, NORWICH ARTS CENTRE - A Dugald Ferguson, Norwich Arts Centre and Norwich Pride R&D co-production presented at 3 venues July 2013.
Supported by Arts Council England
• ENVY NIGHTCLUB, B.RIGHT.ON FESTIVAL 2013, BRIGHTON – Presented as a work-in-progress showing as part of the month long curation of events celebrating LGBT History Month, February 2013
• THE BBC FUSION SCREEN, NORWICH FORUM - Presented as a work-in-progress showing as part of the Norwich Pride celebrations in July 2012.
Supported by The Norwich Pride Arts Bursary
• THE NORWICH PUPPET THEATRE, NNF2012 - presented as part of the BETA Scratch Festival for 1 show in May 2012
Supported by The Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Selected Freelance Performance Work:


• ‘NIGHT OF THE IGUANA’, THE NORWICH CATHEDRAL HOSTRY - Presented as a special inaugural commission for The Hostry in Sept 2010
• ‘FOR ADULTS ONLY’, VARIOUS NORWICH VENUES - Presented in short runs over 2010 and 2011 at The Norwich Playhouse (as part of Platform Unplugged Live Show), St Gregory’s Centre of Arts, Chapelfield Gardens, The Crows Nest.
Supported by Future Radio
• ‘POINT BLANK HOTEL’, THE PLEASANCE, LONDON – Presented in co-production with The Pleasance in Jan 2008
• ‘SHOW ME GOODBYE’, THEATRE UPSTAIRS AT THE GLOBE – Presented in Exeter in June / July in 2006
• ‘THE LESS STUPID TRUTH’, PLYMOUTH BARBICAN – Presented in Plymouth in Aug 2005
• ‘SUGAR’, BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE, LONDON – Presented in London in July 2005


• THE WARDROBE THEATRE, BRISTOL – The short film from ‘Torrents of Rapture’ was invited to present as part of a mini festival of work in Sept 2012
• ‘NO 73: THE ROLLER SKATES – A TRIBUTE TO FRANK SIDEBOTTOM’ – A comedy short presented at the Norwich Puppet Theatre in Feb 2011
• ‘UNTITLED SHORT FILM’, EPIC STUDIOS – A student collaboration working against the Blue Screen and screened and Presented as a final degree piece in Feb 2010.


• ‘QUEEQUEG IN HIS COFFIN’, THE MOBY DICK BIG READ – An invited recorded reading of Chapter 110 (aired on 3 Jan 2012) for the Pennisula Arts Moby Dick Festival in Plymouth. Other contributing readers to the included Tilda Swinton (Actor), Stephen Fry (Actor), David Cameron (The PM), Benedict Cumberbatch (Actor), and David Attenborough
• REGULAR HOST OF ‘PRIDE LIVE’, FUTURE RADIO 107.8FM – A weekly 2 hour live show Monday’s @ 6pm since May 2011
• FUTURE RADIO EASTER SPECIAL - Highlights of the Platform Unplugged live show at the Norwich Playhouse in April 2010

Academic Achievements

Sept 02 – Sept 05 Dartington College of Arts, Devon

BA (Hons) Devised Theatre (Upper Second Class Honours Achieved)

Modules Taken: Improvisation, Critical Arts Practice, Acts of Criticisms, Site Specific, Stage Management, Contemporary Movement, Suzuki Technique, Art and the Everyday, Statement in Action and Workshop Leadership.
Dissertation: ‘Breeding Objects’, An exploration of the role of object in performance.

July 09 Best Start Business Course – Norwich Enterprise Centre
Modules taken: Business structure and Legal issues, Business Planning, Key tasks and Action Planning, Market research, Marketing and Advertising, Financial control and Forecasting, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets, Taxation and National Insurance, Book keeping

Further Training:

• Puppetry Master-class ‘ Listening to the Materials’ – Rene Baker (2012)
• Acrobatics, Acro-balance and Ariel / Trapeze Training - No Fit State Circus (2011)
• Vocal and Breathing Technique / Regular ongoing Singing lessons – Verity Standen (2007 – present day)
• Nancy Gabor Performance Presence technique / Series of 5 lessons – Klaus Kruse (2008)
• Indian Voice technique / Series 10 lessons – Miriam Kisters (2005)
• Approaching the Physical; Techniques of Michael Chekhov - Anemone Poland (2005)
• Pottery throwing, casting and firing techniques / Series of 10 lessons – Ama Menec (2004)
• Devising in Time and Space workshop- Mike Pearson (2004)
• Basic Stage Combat 2 day workshop- Mike Chadley (2004)
• Mediated Experience workshop - Blind Ditch Theatre Company (2003)
• Writing as Performance workshop- Reader Performance Company (2002)
• Multi-mediating Expression workshop- Chameleons Theatre Group (2002)
• Clowning workshop- Kaos Theatre Company (2000)

The Norwich Dandies

Are a collective of artists that encourage artistic expression, opening up dialogue about prejudices and making safe creative spaces for people to be themselves with pride. They put on exhibitions, pitch up at community festivals with costumes art equipment puppets, masks, flowers, easels, and the Dandy chaise lounge and engage the public to model, paint, watch, chat, and be a Dandy for a day.

The Norwich Dandies

core artistic team

Click for a Review of 'Dandifest!'

A 2 week happening presented by the Norwich Dandies


Created by the Norwich Dandies 'Dandifest!' is a celebration of experimental cross disciplinary arts challenging attitudes towards LGBT, feminism, racism, mental health and disabilities. It is supported by Arts Council England, Norfolk County Council, Hate Free Norfolk and Norwich Pride.

Dress like a Dandy

Dress like a Dandy

One of the Norwich Dandies popular public events are the ‘Dress like a Dandy’ days often held as part of festivals raising awareness about mental health, social injustice and LGBT celebrations. The public can rummage through the Dandies costumes, paint one of the posing models, model themselves for other painters or just meet other people.