Our Political Homelife

Our Political Homelife

183cm x 123cm, Acrylic over 9 canvases 

The idea for this new series of paintings was from me feeling increasingly offended and amused by the reasoning against allowing LGBT people the same marital rights as heterosexuals. It felt so invasive, however well wrapped in reasonable language; at the more tolerant end of the scale it was simply not an institution for us to enter into through to LGBT people controlling the weather.

The images in this series come from the question “What on earth do they think we get up to at home?!” and I found it funny trying to combine hugely mundane / boring daily domestic tasks and making them odd by throwing sex or horror into the action.

‘Washing Up’ shows a self portrait washing up a ladle spoon but in his constant sexual state the simple task becomes an orgasmic frenzy ejaculating soap suds all over the nice clean counter. ‘Ja’ in Germany is a budget range of grocery items.

‘Sit Down Wee’ shows a self-portrait having a sit down wee. Domesticity is so deranged by this perversion of the norm that it is difficult to clarify whether that is his fiancée simply having a shower in the background or whether it is a threatening intruder.

‘Midnight Feast’ shows a self portrait getting a midnight snack meanwhile even the vegetables are at it with the peppers and the artichoke gang banging half an onion.

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